Investigative journalism
1 - 5 May 2016


Dlovan Barwani


In societies where corruption has become rampant, the classical form of news reporting no longer plays an effective role in bringing about positive change. There is need for a new kind of journalism in such societies, namely investigative journalism. Investigative journalists identify problems and probe into them. Some investigative stories might take months.

Media Academy Iraq is going to hold a five-day investigative journalism training course in Kirkuk and Erbil. The trainer, Dlovan Barwari, will shed light on how to write an investigative story and how that is different from other types of reporting.

Barwari was The Washington Post’s reporter in the Kurdistan Region for eight years and is a founding member of the Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism. He won an award for best investigative story in the Arab world and came first in Lorenzo Natalie journalism contest in Europe.

For registering please contact Ali Marzook: