Media monitoring
15 - 17 July 2016


Kareem Abdulrahman



By the end of the workshop participants will have a better understanding of media monitoring and its significance. The training will focus on the practical skills required for an effective monitoring of media outlets in Kurdish, English and Arabic.

1. To define and explain the role and function of media and media monitoring
2. Introduction to different formats of reporting
3. Explain selection criteria and ways of summarising items
4. Different formats of monitoring reports: daily highlights; alerts; round-ups; features
and analysis
5. Introduction to advanced web search and social media

Part one of the training consists of a three-day workshop. The second part of the workshop is mostly practical and aims at getting participants to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge.In this section, the trainer will examine the output of the participants’ work, providing feedback on their reports. The trainer will also examine and evaluate the structure of the monitoring operation, including staffing and the products. Method: Email and Skype calls.