Marketing for media
24 - 25 November 2016


Yasser Ismail



This course aimed at media managers, professionals and NGO managers, will focus on key marketing techniques for media houses and NGOs. The course will analyse successful strategies for marketing by looking at the so-called ‘marketing mix’: price, location, advertising and customer service. Much of the course focuses on specific market environments and how to make the best out of individual sets of conditions.

The course will analyse differing marketing environments, introduce common market research methods and strategies to achieve these goals, while breaking down individual aspects of marketing such as advertising on websites, surveys, questionnaires and other interactive techniques. The course will also look at the core differences between sales and marketing.

The workshop will also include a questionnaire for participants as well as analysis of examples of successful marketing campaigns by domestic and international media houses.

Trainer: Yasser Ismail

Yasser Ismail runs a market research centre in Baghdad and has contributed academic and media papers on marketing topics to many different publications.