Election reporting
10 - 14 June 2017


Emtiaz Diab



This Training of Trainers workshop will focus on election reporting. A total of nine experienced, Iraqi trainers will travel to Berlin for a five-day workshop covering the principles of election reporting. The course will focus on reporting in the pre-election period, the actual election day(s) as well as the results and the aftermath. The program will touch on:

  • Maintaining transparency and balance in election reporting
  • Ensuring adherence to the electoral code and the national code of ethics for reporting elections
  • Formats through which to cover the election
  • How to avoid bias and partisanship in election reporting
  • Stay safe and ethical while reporting elections
  • Digital sources, digital verification and much more

Trainer: Emtiaz Diab

Emtiaz Diab is a vastly experienced journalist, editor and senior manager with many years in experience in journalism. She is a veteran contributor to the BBC’s Arabic service and the former editor of Metro in Iraq. She has conducted several high-level journalism workshops for the Media Academy Iraq (MAI).

Twitter: @EmtiazDiab