Video editing
20 - 21 September 2017


Mahmoud Al-Jazairy



“It is all about editing!”


Oscar-winning filmmaker Alexander Payne


Editing is an intricate and vital part of any television or production project, from multi-million dollar films to nature documentaries, sport and of course, news production.


Online video production, for platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, also relies heavily on editing.


Media Academy Iraq (MAI) is organizing a workshop on the art of editing for journalists in Baghdad. The workshops will focus on reporting on oil production and distribution in Iraq to provide journalists with the relevant skills and expertise.


The workshop program includes:


  • 1. Introduction to editing. Programs and basic principles, lists and Adobe tools.
  • 2. Adding and processing still images.
  • 3. Types of video files and their advantages.
  • 4. How to process video and select clips.
  • 5. Adding effects to video.
  • 6. Making introductions for programs and films.
  • 7. Image input and storage operations.
  • 8. Adding sound and processing it.
  • 9. Installation and consolidation processes.
  • 10. Final output and storage operations.
  • 11. Characteristics of television editing and tools.


    Participants will also become acquainted with different types of editing as well as various technical schools and cinema techniques. Journalists will also be able to test the theory learnt in a series of practical exercises during the workshop.


    Trainer: Mahmoud Al-Jazairy


    Al-Jazairy is a photographer and a lecturer in the Syndicate of Iraqi Artists in the field of film arts. He has worked for many channels and agencies as a freelance photographer.


    He has also worked in the field of television and film photography, as a DOP, and a media relations advisor at the University of Basra. He is a documentary filmmaker at the Al Najah Development Center.