Digital security
9 - 11 October 2017


Tahseen Zargani



Media Academy Iraq’s experienced digital specialist will hold a workshop on staying safe in the digital world. The workshop is for journalists of the Ur newspaper in Diwaniya and will be followed by a second workshop on verification of digital sources.


The course’s objective is to ensure digital security for these professionals, showing them how to keep their cellphones, laptops and private accounts safe.


The three-day workshop looks at viruses and potential dangers therein as well as how to protect against them. It will also introduce participants to techniques for protecting personal and professional digital accounts against hacking.


The course also explores the difference between anti-virus programs and firewalls, methods for safe browsing and the encryption of messages. A further focus will be on mobile devices and the safety of users.


The workshop will involve both practical and theoretical exercises.


Trainer: Tahseen Zargani


Zargani is a social activist, blogger, social media expert and narrative trainer. He has participated and led many courses in and outside of Iraq.