Investigative reporting
11 - 14 October 2017


Haider al-Janabi



The Media Academy Iraq (MAI), Iraq’s leading centre of excellence for journalism training, will conduct a course on investigative reporting in the country’s capital Baghdad for a group of young Iraqi young journalists.


The 4-day specialist programme is organized in cooperation with the Iraqi Center to Support Free Expression.


The course will focus on mechanisms employed in writing and developing investigative reports, a vital skill that is in high demand in the Iraqi journalism sector. Investigative journalism can help reporters delve deeper into topics like corruption, political scandal as well as the ongoing multifaceted conflict in Iraq.


Throughout the four days of training, participants will be taught how to write investigative reports, while observing correct ethical boundaries and avoiding libelous or defamatory remarks.


Participants on the course will be exposed to the difference between traditional news writing skills – 5Ws etc – and investigative reporting, which required deeper research and verification skills. Most modern journalists then use these skills to investigate cases of corruption.


Trainer: Haider al-Janabi


Al-Janabi is Najaf Desk Officer for the Danish media organization Media Net. He has published nearly 100 radio, TV and print reports for local and international news organizations. He is the editor-in-chief of Hawleyet al-Najaf magazine, Al-Najaf Now and Al Najaf News Agency. In the past he contributed to Ain News Agency as well as the Arabic dailies Al-Safer, Al-Marsad and Al-Shagr. He is also a contributor to Gangamesh Radio. Al-Janabi also runs the Najaf Now news agency.