News writing
16 - 18 October 2017


Mohamed Sawaf



Media Academy Iraq will conduct a three day course on news writing geared towards female journalists working in the central Iraqi city of Karbala.


This course will look at news and how to find it and report on it. The course will focus on techniques for writing crisp, accurate, informative and and fast-paced news reports on a range of subjects.


The workshop will look at how journalists should make best use of sources and content and how to shape all material into a strong news piece for print or online publication.


The course will also look at different interviewing styles and basic reporting techniques. It aims to provide participants with expertise in writing news stories, while developing and honing their skills as to how to build news.


The workshop program includes:


  • Definitions of the press and methods of writing news
  • The basic conditions and rules on which the news story is based.
  • How to choose a headline, write leads and use of quotations, as well as link sentences and ‘bookending’.
  • The most important ways to obtain accurate and documented information to support the news.
  • Besides theory elements, the course will also include practical exercises.


    Trainer: Mohamed Sawaf


    A highly experienced journalist, Sawaf was awarded the Open Eye Award for journalism in two consecutive years. He is a correspondent for Agence-France Presse (AFP) in Iraq. He has also contributed to several other international media outlets.

    Follow: @mo_sawaf