Verification of digital sources
12 - 14 October 2017


Tahseen Zargani



Media Academy Iraq (MAI) will host a workshop on digital verification, in partnership with the Ur daily newspaper, in Diwaniya, 180 kilometres south of the capital Baghdad.


The Verifying Digital Sources series of workshops aims to enable journalists and media professionals to verify information sourced through social networks in their work. Participants will be trained in ‘data-mining’ – factual Internet research, as well as in the use of various tools to verify the results.


In particular, participants will receive expert training on how to analyze IP addresses in e-mails, evaluate links in social media content, correlate image metadata and geographical information, as well as to verify the origins of image data using applications such as TinEye.


The analysis of sources will be another key theme of the workshops. Participants will explore questions such as:


  • For how long has a Twitter, Google+ or Facebook source existed?
  • Are its followers known and reliable?
  • At what times does the source post content about what kind of topics?


    Participants learn to use Wayback Machines to trace the development of a website, as well as to compare images from different sources and to analyze the contents of images correctly.


    Trainer: Tahseen Zargani


    Zargani is a social activist, blogger, social media expert and narrative trainer. He has participated and led many courses in and outside of Iraq.