Monitoring hate speech
13 - 17 November 2017


Yasser Ismail



This workshop for women in Sulaymaniyah focused on how to monitor for hate speech in the press and social media.


Media Academy Iraq (MAI), one of the country’s leading independent journalism institutes, held a course on how to write, research, analyze and extract data. The course was held in Sulaimaniyah for four days under the supervision of coach Yasser Ismail.


The course programme focused on:


  • Definition of statistics and various uses and access to its use in decision-making processes.
  • Theory of decision-making and its use in quantitative research
  • How to obtain accurate information and its importance in decision-making, while indicating the risk of bias in obtaining inaccurate information.
  • Definition of the composition of Iraqi society.
  • Definition of a sound sampling framework.
  • Providing various types of samples and how to obtain a good sample.
  • Identifying workshops for persons involved in planning and establishing a work project by their specialization and determining the appropriate sample