Questionnaires and research
15 - 16 December 2017


Yasser Ismail



Meida Academy Iraq (MAI) will conduct a workshop in Amarah on research and survey methods.


The two-day training programme includes:


  • Principles and rules of research writing
  • Samples: What is the most appropriate sample for the research under study
  • What is a questionnaire and what types of questions?
  • Processing data for questionnaires
  • How to extract and analyze data and convert it into useful information. Such as: Put answers in tables to view and analyze them.
  • Knowledge of the stages and methods of data analysis, information collection, organization, and logical and real analysis of an event.
  • A presentation of modern techniques for analysis and identification of some input programs that facilitate and enable the researcher to record data accurately in digital formats.


    The participants in the workshop will be divided into research groups and each group will take a research model. On day two, participants will present their work and receive feedback from other teams.


    Subsequent field studies will be conducted by the Al-Huda Institute and supervised by Media Academy Iraq (MAI).