Reporting on elections
19 - 22 February 2018


Salam Omer



Media Academy Iraq will conduct a three-day specialised workshop on reporting on elections in Baghdad. More than 20 participants are expected to take part.

The workshop was co-produced and funded by Media Academy Iraq (MAI), CFI and Media in Cooperation and Transition (MiCT).


With parliamentary election scheduled for May 12th, 2018, these workshops will be of vital importance for reporters covering the process for television, radio and print media.


The workshop aims to enhance and support the skills of journalists in dealing with various aspects of the electoral process. Some key aspects the workshop will cover are:


  • Help journalists prepare professional reports that help the media fulfill the role of monitoring and raising awareness
  • International standards for elections and the ethics of electoral coverage
  • The role of media in democratic transition
  • The processing of data and polling
  • Preparing press reports on specific electoral issues
  • The most important questions to focus on during the campaign


    The four-day workshop will also include practical applications on campaign management methods and ways of covering them by dividing participants into working groups and working under the supervision of the coach.


    Trainer: Salem Omer


    Salem Omer is an academic, journalist and trainer with vast experience in media.