Verification of sources
1 - 3 February 2018


Tahseen Zargani



Images, videos and news are posted on social networks 24 hours a day all of the world. Many report fabricated and false stories, or are published in an incorrect context in time.


How do journalists distinguish between good and bad sources? How can news reporters ensure the quality and validity of their sources?


The training will include an overview of the basics of verification and the methods of verifying the validity of images and videos using technical methods and tools.


The workshop aims to enable journalists and media professionals to verify information sourced through social networks in their work. Participants will be trained in ‘data-mining’ – factual Internet research, as well as in the use of various tools to verify the results.


In particular, participants will receive expert training on how to analyze IP addresses in e-mails, evaluate links in social media content, correlate image metadata and geographical information, as well as to verify the origins of image data using applications such as TinEye.


The course also introduces participants to softwares, plug-ins, and tools that can support the verification of images (GPS cross-verification, reverse image search tools etc).


Trainer: Tahseen Zargani


Zargani is a social activist, blogger, social media expert and narrative trainer. He has participated and led many courses in and outside of Iraq.