Ethics of fair press coverage in elections
19 - 22 March 2018


Yasser Ismail

Training of trainers


As part of a series of workshops geared towards preparing journalists for key up-and-coming parliamentary elections in Iraq, scheduled for May 2018, Media Academy Iraq will hold yet another workshop in Baghdad on the ethics of press reporting during elections.


The participants will learn how to deconstruct propaganda and identify the trap of political communication. Opinion polls can be a two-edged sword, unless their criteria is clear, and participants will learn methods as to how to assess the trustworthiness of a source.


Participants will also briefed on how best to approach political candidates, including interview techniques, cross-examination and how to research to prepare the right questions. In addition, the workshop will cover the following topics:


  • Defining the rights and duties of the journalist while reporting on elections
  • The moral, organizational and legal duties a journalist should adhere to while covering elections
  • Mistakes to be avoided during press coverage of election campaigns
  • Planning and preparing before the start of the election process

    Update, March 24


    The workshop concluded by reviewing the topics of the workshop, focusing on the international standards of journalistic ethics and comparing them to local codes of conduct. Participants also carried out practical exercises on each paragraph of the training curriculum.


    The workshop, which was carried out by the German Media Academy in cooperation with the French organization CFI (affiliated to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), lasted four days and was overseen by international trainer Tahseen Zorkani. A total of 14 participants attended.