Identifying fake news in election reporting
28 - 31 March 2018


Munaf Ganem

Training of trainers


Media Academy Iraq (MAI) will conduct a workshop on identifying and deconstructing fake and false news during elections.


Parliamentary elections are scheduled for May 2018 – read up on the full details at, the trilingual Iraqi news platform and MAI’s sister project.


The workshop, which will be held in Baghdad, will focus on several key topics:


Electoral coverage and the difficulties faced by journalists during reporting (whether before the election campaign, during propaganda, polling day or final results).


  • What is false news? How do fake news story manifest themselves and who are the sponsors or beneficiaries?
  • Automatic verification of false images and videos.
  • Mechanisms for verification of social networking sites.
  • Methods of verifying phantom pages and fake social networking accounts
  • How to confront hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric accompanying elections.


    In addition, the instructor and coordinator of the academy, Yasser Ismail, will give a presentation on how to monitor media institutions during the campaign period, inlcuding a review of a similar study conducted by MAI in 2014.


    Update: April 3rd, 2018


    The workshop was carried out by the German Academy of Media in cooperation with the French Agency CFI from March 28-31 in Baghdad. Sixteen journalists from different provinces participated under the supervision of coach Manaf Ghanem.


    The training included discussions and practical exercises between the trainer and the trainees on the subjects that were explained and presented.