Hundreds of young reporters trained by MAI in summer 2017
21 - 23 August 2017




Another busy summer for Media Academy Iraq saw several key developments for Iraq’s leading centre of excellence for journalism training.


Some of MAI’s leading experts led half a dozen courses on topics as diverse as digital security and feature writing.


The Academy quietened down during the Ramadan period to allow for a slower rhythm during the holy month of fasting, only to return with a string of course dates since the end of July.


A workshop in Samawah, 270 kilometres south of Baghdad, in late July introduced journalists to the basics of marketing for radio and online journalism.


Meanwhile, in southeastern Kut Province, more than 35 participants – mainly from local media and NGOs – took part in a course about digital security with Media Academy Iraq’s veteran trainer Yassir al-Taher.


In Karbala,  this time in southwest Iraq, trainer Mohamed Sawaf led a course from August 03-05 on news writing. Course organiser Ali Marzook says participants were “taught to act like a camera, without interfering with the description of the photo; merely to reflect it, like a mirror.” The course was open to all media outlets operating in the region.


The news writing course helps participants cover the tumultuous events unfolding on a daily basis in their country. It teaches them to avoid bias, to write concisely and to value good sources.


The new writing course looks at headline and lead writing, nut graph production, link words and bookending.


Appetite for learning journalism was beyond enthusiastic in Kalar Province, where more than 80 young people participated in MAI’S Basics of Journalism course for beginners. The course was led by trainer Azad Othman and lasted seven days from August 02-08.


While the Academy was busy on the ground, sister project START FM, a radio for the people of Mosul, was busy launching new programs, training new recruits and helping rebuild Mosul.