Introduction to camera work
18 - 19 September 2017


Mahmoud al-Jazairi



Media Academy Iraq (MAI) will carry out a workshop on camera usage and production in Baghdad on September 18 and 19. The two-day course is part of a series of workshops in the Iraqi capital geared towards journalists reporting on oil and gas.


The objective of the workshop is to give the trainees the necessary skills and expertise to be able to create compelling visual narratives, but also to strengthen their audiovisual reportage skills. This, in turn, will help media production flourish in the institutions in which they work.


The workshop program includes the following topics:


  • Introduction to core principles of photography and lighting
  • The basics of camera mechanisms and usage
  • Key television photography skills: size and use of shots, correct camera movements, proper selection of angles, and how to use different types of cameras, lenses and filters
  • Various types of cameras will be identified and summarized according to their strength and weaknesses and their quality
  • The course will also look at lenses, filters and angles most used in television photograph.
  • Building and creating expressive scenes
  • Advanced lighting for television
  • Lenses and their uses: narrow and wide, and the movement of the camera
  • Adjusting lighting during shooting to get a good picture. This will be accompanied by basic training in a number of software applications
  • Practical exercises on adjusting lighting while shooting
  • Practical camera movement exercises. Shoulder and tripod-mounting and filming tips for different cameras.

    Trainer: Mahmoud Al-Jazairy


    Al-Jazairy is a photographer and a lecturer in the Syndicate of Iraqi Artists in the field of film arts. He has worked for many channels and agencies as a freelance photographer.


    He has also worked in the field of television and film photography, as a DOP, and a media relations advisor at the University of Basra. He is a documentary filmmaker at the Al Najah Development Center.