Investigative reporting
14 - 18 October 2020


Dlovan Barwari

Training of trainers


This specialist course will explain what investigative journalism is, while analysing its importance and impact on society.


The trainer will point out the difference between investigative and classic journalism by using different examples from each category. Trainees will be introduced to the hypothesis-based inquiry approach, mind-mapping as well as sources of investigative research and reporting.


The course will focus on mechanisms employed in writing and developing investigative reports, a vital skill that is in high demand in the Iraqi journalism sector. Investigative journalism can help reporters delve deeper into topics like corruption, political scandal as well as the ongoing multifaceted conflict in Iraq.


Throughout the four days of training, participants will be taught how to write investigative reports, while observing correct ethical boundaries and avoiding libelous or defamatory remarks.


Participants on the course will be exposed to the difference between traditional news writing skills – 5Ws etc – and investigative reporting, which requires deeper research and verification skills.


Participating journalists will then be equipped with the skills to produce more challenging, broader work, for example on corruption.