Achieving media sustainability

Media Academy Iraq supports the sustainable development of an independent media industry through the recruitment, training, and empowerment of Iraqi media professionals. “By Iraqis for Iraqis” is our operating mandate and governs the breadth of our activities—from the recruitment and training of Media Academy leadership to the distribution of our training programs in media houses throughout the country.


Local leadership


Media Academy Iraq (MAI) management and operational staff are themselves Iraqi media experts. Recruited, trained, and supported by German and international industry professionals, they work in turn to extend their knowledge of modern media management and production to journalists, producers, and managers.


As local experts of the Iraqi media landscape, MAI leaders offer a unique insight in the challenges and opportunities of the field. Their direction remains strong, guided by an advisory board of directors drawn from their peers in science, politics, and media organizations.


More than theory


Our trainers teach the tailored-to-fit Media Academy Iraq (MAI) curriculum online and in media houses across the country. But the training is more than words on a blackboard. Through our partnership with Niqash, the students are offered an immediate opportunity to practice their knowledge in an active media environment.


Established in 2005, delivers critical reporting on the political developments of Iraq. MAI students participate in the editorial direction and production of the website, making a live publication platform for their work in news reporting, photojournalism, multimedia production and more.