For individuals

Media Academy Iraq (MAI) offers a large range of courses in all basic, specific and advanced disciplines of journalism. MAI’s courses cater to all levels of journalism, from entry-level basic journalism courses to advanced modules on election reporting, media monitoring and multimedia training.


Get in touch with one of our expert consultants to find out how you can enroll on one of our courses. Last year, MAI conducted 75 courses in Iraq. Most courses are conducted in groups of participants, but MAI also offers one-to-one courses in diplomatic and civil service communication, public relations, sales & marketing and a plethora of other topics.


Simply visit our courses page for a full list of past and forthcoming workshops, classes and on-the-job coaching opportunities. Or get in touch to discuss an individual requirement.


MAI also offers advanced level Iraqi journalists the chance to become trainers through its annual Training of Trainers masterclass workshops. Get in touch for more details.