Media consulting

A targeted solution


Media Academy Iraq (MAI) has developed a strong consulting concept to bring industry polish and savvy as well as technical know-how to your management team. Our consultants are specialists in modern media management, leading business learners through five distinct modules in:


Strategic business development
Process optimization for media production
Human resource management
Leadership development and organization
Implementation and assessment planning


Each module of the process serves to expand each participant’s core competencies as a media manager. Most importantly, in introducing new methods and tools through tailored trainings and evaluation, Media Academy Iraq consultants equip media managers with the necessary skills to take on the unique challenges and goals of your company with success.


Whether for a radio station in Wasit or a television channel in Baghdad, Media Academy’s crack team provide consulting, training, and coaching services to outlets across the Iraqi media landscape. These experts—recruited from within Iraq and internationally can deliver on site, online, or in our Erbil headquarters to match your project needs and your budget.