Courses & seminars

Media Academy Iraq (MAI) conducts courses on all aspects of journalism. The most popular are introduction to journalism, news writing, investigative reporting and data verification, all key disciplines of a thriving media industry.


But the Academy has access to a vast range of expert trainers and curricula and also conducts courses in more complex aspects of journalism, such as ethics, video and radio production, source verification and data analysis.


Below is a non-extensive list of some of the key topics Media Academy Iraq (MAI) covers in its courses.


Digital journalism
Data security
Corporate communication
Feature writing
News writing
Media research
Audience research
Investigative reporting
Video journalism
Public relations
Print & online journalism
Media management
Newsletter production
Verification of digital sources
Journalism in conflict areas
Quantitative research methods

Media monitoring
Communication for NGOs
Private sector media communication
International diplomacy & communication
Civil service PR

Media Academy Iraq (MAI) covers all aspects of journalism. Get in touch for tailor-made courses that meet your needs.

The course was great, I’d say essential for all journalists. It provided us with all the basics and principles of writing sound and balanced journalism articles.
Mohamed Ali al-Tai, Baghdad. Course participant. 2017